Antbear Lodge – Elana and Luke

Luca Barausse-051

I had been hearing a lot about Antbear Lodge and when Elana and Luke told me that it was to be their venue I was so excited!

Antbear lodge is tucked in the Drakensberg Mountains. A truly unique venue with insane carpentry everywhere. Each door is different and none have a key. Each door has a creative and quirky lock made of wooden cogs and interlocking pieces. A lot of love went into building this venue and it’s something that has to be seen.

Have a look at this warm wedding on one of the coldest days this year.


Luca Barausse-001 Luca Barausse-002 Luca Barausse-004 Luca Barausse-005 Luca Barausse-006 Luca Barausse-007 Luca Barausse-008 Luca Barausse-009 Luca Barausse-010 Luca Barausse-013 Luca Barausse-015 Luca Barausse-017 Luca Barausse-018 Luca Barausse-019 Luca Barausse-021 Luca Barausse-022 Luca Barausse-023 Luca Barausse-025 Luca Barausse-026 Luca Barausse-027 Luca Barausse-028 Luca Barausse-029 Luca Barausse-030 Luca Barausse-031 Luca Barausse-032 Luca Barausse-033 Luca Barausse-034Luca Barausse-036 Luca Barausse-037 Luca Barausse-038 Luca Barausse-039 Luca Barausse-040 Luca Barausse-041 Luca Barausse-043 Luca Barausse-045 Luca Barausse-046 Luca Barausse-048 Luca Barausse-049 Luca Barausse-051 Luca Barausse-052 Luca Barausse-054 Luca Barausse-055 Luca Barausse-056 Luca Barausse-057 Luca Barausse-059 Luca Barausse-061 Luca Barausse-062 Luca Barausse-063 Luca Barausse-064 Luca Barausse-065 Luca Barausse-066 Luca Barausse-067 Luca Barausse-068 Luca Barausse-069 Luca Barausse-070 Luca Barausse-071Luca Barausse-074 Luca Barausse-075 Luca Barausse-076 Luca Barausse-077 Luca Barausse-080 Luca Barausse-082 Luca Barausse-084 Luca Barausse-087 Luca Barausse-088 Luca Barausse-089 Luca Barausse-090 Luca Barausse-091 Luca Barausse-092

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