Barker Manor – Ross and Pascale

Luca Barausse-107

Pascale and Ross got married at Barker Manor venue in Kloof. It seems all my weddings here involve a big bridal party:) It’s always easy to work when the crew is keen to be a little silly.

I knew when I shot their engagement shoot that these two were going to look great on their wedding day. Have a look at this amazing wedding.


Luca Barausse-001 Luca Barausse-002
Luca Barausse-008
Luca Barausse-013 Luca Barausse-009 Luca Barausse-010 Luca Barausse-011 Luca Barausse-012 Luca Barausse-014 Luca Barausse-017 Luca Barausse-020Luca Barausse-001 Luca Barausse-021 Luca Barausse-023 Luca Barausse-025 Luca Barausse-024 Luca Barausse-026 Luca Barausse-027 Luca Barausse-036 1 Luca Barausse-028Luca Barausse-002 Luca Barausse-040 Luca Barausse-039 Luca Barausse-038 Luca Barausse-041 Luca Barausse-042 Luca Barausse-043 Luca Barausse-044 Luca Barausse-045 Luca Barausse-048 Luca Barausse-047 Luca Barausse-050 Luca Barausse-052
Luca Barausse-054Luca Barausse-003
Luca Barausse-058 Luca Barausse-060 Luca Barausse-061 Luca Barausse-063 Luca Barausse-062
Luca Barausse-067 Luca Barausse-068 Luca Barausse-070 Luca Barausse-069 Luca Barausse-072 Luca Barausse-071 Luca Barausse-073 Luca Barausse-074 Luca Barausse-075 Luca Barausse-076 Luca Barausse-079 Luca Barausse-080 3Untitled design
Luca Barausse-006 Luca Barausse-096 Luca Barausse-097 Luca Barausse-099 Luca Barausse-101 Luca Barausse-100Luca Barausse-005 Luca Barausse-103 Luca Barausse-106 Luca Barausse-107 Luca Barausse-109 Luca Barausse-110 Luca Barausse-111 Luca Barausse-112 Luca Barausse-114 Luca Barausse-116 Luca Barausse-118 Luca Barausse-119 Luca Barausse-121 Luca Barausse-122 Luca Barausse-124Luca Barausse-007 Luca Barausse-008 Luca Barausse-125 Luca Barausse-126 Luca Barausse-130 Luca Barausse-127 Luca Barausse-128 Luca Barausse-131Luca Barausse-009 Luca Barausse-132 Luca Barausse-133 Luca Barausse-136 Luca Barausse-135 Luca Barausse-138 Luca Barausse-141 Luca Barausse-140 Luca Barausse-144 Luca Barausse-145 Luca Barausse-143 Luca Barausse-139

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  1. June 5, 2017 - Reply

    You have such an eye for the perfect & creative shot, Luca! Beautiful photographs.

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