Best wedding photography of 2017

BEST Wedding Photography 2017

My best wedding photography of 2017. This is one of my favourite blogs to put up every year. It’s the one time where I get to look at all my work over the year and reflect. 

If I had to give 2017 a theme, it would be Greece! I shot one of the biggest greek weddings in Durban where the groom Aleko smashed a plate on my nose when I got a little too close to the action. It was all worth it though, I love the dancing pics from Stella and Aleko’s wedding. You can see those pics closer to the end.   I also flew to Greece to shoot Rebecca and Steven’s wedding. What an incredible wedding that was! They got married in castle ruins on top of a hill overlooking the ocean! There were many epic moments in 2017 and to try to condense them all into one blog was a challenge, but here it is.

2017 was a great year. I would like to thank all those crazy and beautiful couples who I worked with this year.

So here’s to the newlyweds, to Greece and to 2017.

If you missed last years blog of my best wedding pics you can check it out here

Luca Photography-003-7

Luca Photography-002-12

Luca Photography-001-12

Luca Photography-001-11

Luca Photography-001-6

Luca Photography-001-7

Luca Photography-002-9

Luca Photography-004-7

Luca Photography-004-13

Luca Photography-009

Luca Photography-023

Luca Photography-001

Luca Photography-001

Luca Photography-017-2

Luca Photography-003-13

Luca Photography-016-2

Luca Photography-014-2

Luca Photography-003-10

Luca Photography-014-3

Luca Photography-002

Luca Photography-013-6

Luca Photography-013-2

Luca Photography-003

Luca Photography-010-2

Luca Photography-010-4
Luca Photography-008-9

Luca Photography-009-3

Luca Photography-008-4
Luca Photography-004-10
Luca Photography-001-13
Luca Photography-012-2

Luca Photography-002-11

Luca Photography-006-9

Luca Photography-006-10

Luca Photography-007-3

Luca Photography-008-8

Luca Photography-019

Luca Photography-009-4

Luca Photography-007-4

Luca Photography-006-3

Luca Photography-005-11

Luca Photography-011-2

Luca Photography-017

Luca Photography-013-5

Luca Photography-008-3
Luca Photography-006-8

Luca Photography-005-13

Luca Photography-005-10

Luca Photography-005-6

Luca Photography-005-5
Luca Photography-003-11

Luca Photography-022

Luca Photography-012-6

Luca Photography-001-2

Luca Photography-012-5

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